Thursday, March 31, 2011

Heroes of Newerth, DotA cloning 101

To me HoN is just an updated version of DotA. Although I am sure many disagree with me; HoN is better than DotA. DotA is a great mod, made by countless hours in the WC3 mapeditor and it really has given results. Character design, balancing and items are all given a lot of thought and all input is used for positive change. But there are some things that one cannot change about DotA: User interface and Graphics engine, both of which are extremely lacking for an Action-RPG-RTS game such as this.

New Tremble, Tundra and Slith skins

The whole setup of interface (mostly keybindings/customisation options) is a lot better in HoN compared to DotA, and this shows very clearly if you look at these two games. You can quickly assess the situation with a quick look to your left to check your friends' hp and mana. And lets not get started on the modability, where HoN is totally open to mods which I suppose the WC3 engine is not.

Graphics is another sticking point for me. DotA is ugly, yes I said it... BLASPHEMY! HANG HIM! But lets be honest, HoN is not beautiful, but it looks good enough when zoomed out and runs smoothly on any semi-tops computer rig. WC3 runs even smoother, but it looks like it came from a second-hand internet shop for 3d-models.

I loved DotA and now I love HoN.
Give us your thoughs upon DotA and it's clones!


have you tried League of legend?

Yes. I will make some more posts regarding HoN/DotA/LoL. I've played all three of them, but prefer HoN currently. We will see what happens to the DotA2, which has been contracted to be sold over Steam. I will post once I get some more hard facts about it! :)
HoN = Hardcore, LoL = Casual, DotA = Oldskool

DotA is by far the best. I've played this for 1 year or so and was really enjoying it (:

I havn't played DotA or HoN, but i've heard about it, and it looks like fun. Google searching it now =D

So.. in your oppinion, which on is better: HoN or LoL

never heared of this game, so thanks for thsi post

DotA is an awesome game, I remember when my friend first introduced it to me. It's so action packed.

Never got good at dota, i wished i had though lol.

I am going to check Heroes of Newerth.

Hmm, might have to look into this game

Might give this a go, didn't really get into it first time round

I prefer HoN over Lol, for several reasons.
But I'll do a deeper review soon! :)

never heard of this, but thx for sharing :)

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