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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Frogster screw up - TERA sneak peek delayed

Frogster Interactive, the EU publisher of TERA, had scheduled a sneak peek this weekend. Two nine-hour sessions with thousands of players. Unfortunately nobody were able to access the servers when they opened yesterday, "due to the heavy load". A few hours later Frogster announced via their facebook page that they were busy working on their hardware as well as database upgrades. So, a day and a few "we don't know when we'll go online"-posts later, Frogster posted this:
The sneak peek event planned for this weekend unfortunately has had to be cancelled. As we currently cannot foresee when we will be able to guarantee a smooth running of the event, there is no new date as of yet. We're working closely with the TERA developers at Bluehole to fix the remaining issues.
The cancellation was not due to load problems caused by the large number of potential players. Player numbers would have given us a look into possible issues within the scope of a stress test. Due to unforeseen reasons, problems arose already during the entry into the game world.
As soon as we have new information regarding a rescheduled event planning and once all technical issues have been resolved we will inform you on our website, in the forum and via the usual social media channels.
We apologize for the cancellation of the event and assure you that we are doing our utmost to provide all players access to TERA as soon as possible. We thank all TERA fans for their patience and understanding and hope to have positive news for you very soon.
This is certain to create some negative opinions about the company. Shit happens, of course. But Frogster had control over the number of players this time. They knew the maximum player count in advance and still screwed up. TERA isn't even the first MMO they're hosting. So one would think Frogster were fully prepared for this event server-wise.

Confusingly enough, the above quoted post contradicts their previous statement that a heavy server load caused the problem. Bad attempt at saving their reputation? Or maybe they're just telling the truth, and can't elaborate "unforeseen reasons" due to it being a complex issue. Let's hope they straighten things up come closed beta.