Thursday, March 31, 2011

Oh mother...

Bioware have been keeping their games interesting and cuddly by bringing romance subplots to games like Mass Effect and Dragon Age. I'm currently enjoying Dragon Age 2 as a female mage, trying my best to get on the good side of Merrill, the female elven mage.

Mother and Daughter
So as I get to the second act of the game my character buys a huge residence for her family. My mother is so proud of my success and is finally able to relax. Her daughter's got it all under control. But as I talk to her, she suddenly says that she better start looking for a suitable husband for me... *awkward silence*
She's completely oblivious of her daughters sexual orientation. I feel like I'll need to sit down and have a talk with her...

Awkward conversations aside, what are your thought about the game in general? And if you haven't played it, any particular reason? I'll be writing a short piece about my thought of the game once I finish it.


Haven't played any Dragonage yet, might start doing it soon though :) Looks like a great game!

You should! It's worth it for the story alone.

HAHAHAHA this post made me laugh, nice gaming you have :P I'm glad to see people putting attention to the story lines! Looking forward for your thoughts of the game~!

I've played through it once, as a male warrior, and I thought the storyline was very well executed, the characters were great aswell! the only thing I thought wasn't so good was the duration of the game (which I won't spoil, but it isn't very long)... Still, overall, I highly recommend it!

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